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Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, EFT & Transformational Guidance  Integrating Healing Touch, EFT & Law of Attraction to facilitate change
“Roberta is a skilled healer. Her massage/body work is restorative to both the spirit and the body. The environment that she has created in her studio is one that is relaxing and enjoyable to all of your senses. I heartily recommend Roberta to anyone who is seeking to restore or maintain their mind and body in an optimum state.”
Jean L
Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage ~ Enjoy these full-body sessions that reduce stress and promote relaxation. This system is used to relieve muscle tension and pain, and increase joint flexibility. It also increases circulation, bringing nutrients to tissues and releasing accumulated stress hormones and metabolic waste. These sessions can improve quality of sleep, aid in digestion, stimulate the immune system, improve energy levels, quiet the mind, reduce mental fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Swedish w/Deep Tissue ~ All the benefits of a Swedish massage! In addition,  these integrated techniques can release specific adhesions and chronic patterns of tension while providing deep relaxation for the whole  body.

Lomi Lomi ~ It’s not just a massage.  Experience the healing spirit of touch, Hawiian-style. Derived from ancient Hawaiian tradition, Lomi Lomi combines the rejuvenating effects of a flowing, rhythmic massage with loving intention.  These sessions release stress in the body, uplift the spirit and calm the mind.  (Lomi Lomi sessions are 90 minutes in length.)
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Fees for Above Services:

60 minutes:  $95

90 minutes:  $135 

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   physics has found that there is 
 no empty space in the 
  human cell, but it is a teeming, electro-magnetic 
    field of possibility
      or potential.”
~ Deepak Chopra