Berta has a beautiful, intuitive way of making me feel safe and cared for when I am in her presence. I feel blessed that she shares her vast knowledge of the human body, her intuitive sense of touch, and her compassion and joy.  The space that she has created for therapy is intimate, calming, happy, and peaceful to me and I love being there.
Elise G

“Berta has experience in a broad spectrum of body work therapies. When I come to her table, she knows what to do to relieve my discomfort. Recently I had a back spasm, and she

used just the right techniques to relieve my pain and the tension that was causing it. The pain and tightness have not returned.”

Larry M

I've experienced your healing touch through massage, but hadn't experienced any of your classes until the recent EFT session. The information you gave to the class was clear and accessible, but beyond that you radiated a calm, nurturing energy that put me at ease. It seemed that everyone was feeling safe and supported, because I was so impressed by the willingness of all the participants to be open and generous about sharing their own experiences. I've already begun to apply the technique in my life, and hope to take more of your classes in the future. Thanks, Roberta!”

Ruth A

“For years, I have been receiving body work and energy work for pain relief, stress relief and relaxation.  Almost without exception, I have had great experiences from skilled therapists.  Recently, I saw Berta Russell for a therapeutic massage when I was in a lot of pain and it was the best massage I have ever had.

Berta is a warm and open-hearted woman who is tuned in to her clients and really listens.  She is both intuitive and highly skilled.  The feelings of peace and lack of pain lasted throughout the week.  I returned two weeks later and I had another fantastic experience.  I would (and do) recommend Berta Russell to anyone- from those who have never had a massage before to body work veterans!”

Jamie A

“Roberta is truly a gifted healer. Her compassion and ability to be totally present allows her to

focus on exactly what I need during our session. Working with Roberta continues to bring me to

a much more open, centered and grounded place. My life feels so much more balanced and full.”

Suzi  A

“Some months after a near-death accident, which caused serious cranial damage, and left me

with chronic pain, I had three Polarity sessions with Berta.  After the treatments, my back pain disappeared and has never returned! I began sleeping on my right side again, due to pain relief

in my skull, and my memory has significantly improved since those sessions. I am so grateful!”

Mark W

“I have always enjoyed Berta's ability to create a safe, nurturing environment within which I can totally "let go" and soak up her healing presence and helpful hands!

Recently, I saw her right after an emotional phone call with my son.  She first led me into an EFT session that opened my eyes to two major limiting beliefs I had been triggered by.  Through her intuitive and kind guidance, we were able to work with these beliefs and supplant them with much more joy-filled, affirmative ones. I felt much "lighter and clearer".

This EFT work was followed by a massage/energy work, during which I experienced almost no mind chatter, totally drifting in a peaceful state unlike ever before.

I know that Berta's ability to be totally "present" and non-judgmental was the catalyst I needed to grow in awareness and heal around some major issues in my life.”

Ellie N

“Berta has touched my body and soul. Her presence, guidance and nurturing support create an environment for healing, empowerment and growth. I am so grateful to have her in my life!”

Ellen M

“Roberta is a skilled healer. Her massage/body work is restorative to both the spirit and the body. The environment that she has created in her studio is one that is relaxing and enjoyable

to all of your senses. I heartily recommend Roberta to anyone who is seeking to restore or maintain their mind and body in an optimum state.”

Jean L

I just wanted to say, again, how much I really appreciate the massage you gave me today!  It was amazing.  I think the best massages I ever get are at Kripalu, and yours today matched those, easily.  You're an amazing healer.  The energy work you gave me was also wonderful.  I'm still feeling the benefits.  And, I'm feeling so grateful today that you are so close to home and I can give myself the gift of your massages more often!

I'm so looking forward to helping you market.  The world definitely needs to benefit more from all you have to offer!

Wendy M

Roberta is better than a doctor.  She combines knowledge with close attention,  is intuitive and caring.  Who could ask for more?

Julie H


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 balance of energy in the human body is 
   the foundation of 
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