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Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, EFT & Transformational Guidance  Integrating Healing Touch, EFT & Law of Attraction to facilitate change
Spiritual Abundance Coaching

Live Your Joy-Ful-Filled Life 90-Day Intensive:
Twelve 60-minute Transformational Coaching Sessions
 Includes two separate 60-minute Q & A classes:  
Investment in full: $1397
Or you may make 3 monthly installments of $497 
Please note: Payments must be received before your first session begins.

Get Your Feet Wet 4-Week Introductory Program:
Four 60-minute Transformational Coaching sessions: 

Are you a woman who’s been feeling stuck, frustrated or confused with your  
    current life circumstances? 
Are you yearning for a new career or ready for a job change but have no idea what 
    direction you should choose? 
Are you wanting more financial abundance?
Do you find yourself in transition and it’s really not smooth sailing for you? 
What fears are holding you back from making real change? 
What do you want more of:  Freedom? Time? Joy? Serenity? Ease?

Let me help you move forward on your path and create the life you desire - one where you get to call the shots, as  you mold your clay into the most beautiful, happy, fulfilling experience of life.
I can assist you in getting clear about what you want, reveal what’s been keeping you stuck and help you transform old beliefs and ways of thinking, that no longer serve you, into ones that fully support your desires. Together we will be setting the scene for your inevitable success!

If you’re ready to reclaim your power and live the juicy life you so deserve, you’re in the right place. My coaching programs integrate leading-edge coaching skills and techniques, including Emotional Freedom Techniques with the Law of Attraction. I am certified in the Transformational Coaching Method and I LOVE the Law of Attraction! It’s my favorite thing to talk about because when we understand how it works in our lives and use it to deliberately manifest all manner of things, doesn’t get better than that. That’s empowerment! 

Are  you ready to get started? 
Contact me for more info: 

About EFT ~ (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple, practical self-health tool used for clearing limiting beliefs and negative emotions. This easy process can empower positive affirmations and help facilitate personal change. It’s also useful for pain, disease symptoms, trauma, stress, etc. By freeing the disruption in the body’s energy system, EFT helps release the negative emotions that contribute to most painful conditions and dis-ease.   
“I have always enjoyed Berta's ability to create a safe, nurturing environment within which I can totally "let go" and soak up her healing presence and helpful hands!  Recently, I saw her right after an emotional phone call with my son.  She first led me into an EFT session that opened my eyes to two major limiting beliefs I had been triggered by.  Through her intuitive and kind guidance, we were able to work with these beliefs and supplant them with much more joyfilled, affirmative ones. I felt much "lighter and clearer". This EFT work was followed by a massage/energy work, during which I experienced almost no mind chatter, totally drifting in a peaceful state unlike ever before. I know that Berta's ability to be totally "present" and non-judgmental was the catalyst I needed to grow in awareness and heal around some major issues in my life.”
Ellie N

   “It takes courage to grow up and become who   
    you really are.”
  ~E.E. Cummings
“Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they   
  are the children of your soul, the blueprints 
    of your ultimate 
~Napoleon Hill
Relieve stress & pain holistically               Manifest abundance & vibrant health

Helping women to align with their passions,

manifest abundance and

create their Joy-Ful-Filled Life!